A retelling of the classic legend of King Arthur, Guinevere & Sir Lancelot. A 4 Act Drama

Introducing the mesmerizing digital audio version of “King Arthur: A Retelling of the Classic Legend” by Joseph Comyns Carr. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Camelot, where honor, love, and destiny collide in a riveting four-act drama.

Step into a realm where knights wield swords and chivalry, where queens possess untamed beauty, and where the fate of a kingdom hangs in the balance. This digital audio adaptation brings Carr’s captivating work to life, allowing you to experience the legendary tale in a whole new way.

Through the power of audio, you’ll be transported to the grand halls of King Arthur’s court, where the ambitious King strives to forge a kingdom united under the principles of justice and virtue. The resonant voices of the talented cast will breathe life into the iconic characters, painting vivid images in your mind’s eye and immersing you in their emotional journeys.

Feel the palpable tension as Arthur and his noble knights face their greatest challenges, battling against dark forces and treachery that threaten to tear apart the very fabric of Camelot. Witness the passionate love triangle between Arthur, the beautiful Guinevere, and the valiant Sir Lancelot, as they navigate conflicting loyalties and the relentless pursuit of their desires.

This digital audio version of “King Arthur” brings the narrative alive through richly layered sound effects, transporting you to the battlefield, the mythical Avalon, and the majestic Round Table. 

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