We publish and market digital media. We produce high quality games, productivity, mental health apps, and  a comprehensive catalog of  audiobooks. Our products are available for purchase from online stores around the globe; including Korea, China, European Union, Central and South America, and of course the United States and Canada. Our goal is to continue to build on the foundation of the over 600 products we currently offer and to further cement our place as the leading digital media publisher.

Our company’s development philosophy is to be flexible and forward looking. Everyone who has worked  in technology knows things often change quickly.  A company must be able to adapt and not be mired in the, “we have always done it this way” school of thought. Through the efficient use of technology, Ashby Navis & Tennyson is uniquely positioned to continue to not only survive but also to thrive.

As a company with a wide variety of offerings it is vital that in order to reach the broadest possible market, we understand how different generations are most comfortable receiving their messages. We recognized that it is important that we communicate in a way that different generational cohorts can identify with. When we are successful with our messaging, it is then possible for the consumers to easily relate to our product offerings. Due to the reality of our global marketplace we also focus on intercultural communication because a message that resonates with one culture will not always resonate with another.

Even though the marketplace itself might be well established and crowded, through product innovation, studying analytics, and effective communication of our message, we create new customers and continue to grow our business. We invite you to join us on this ride.