We publish digital media. We currently focus on Audiobooks and our products are in 36 countries; however, we have been involved in the industry since 2013 when we published our first Android app. Over the years, we have morphed into a company that produces products for 4 categories: productivity, health, education, and entertainment. We produce products for iOS, Android, and Windows and our catalog contains over 500 titles. Our primary marketplace is a very crowded world, there are millions of titles and hundreds of producers, (both company and individuals) producing titles.

Our company’s development philosophy is to be flexible and forward looking. Now all of us who have worked in technology know things change and change quickly.  We do not market our products to a niche audience, we market to the broader global market. A company must be able to adapt and not be mired in the, “we have always done it this way” school of thought.

In order to reach the broadest possible market, it is necessary for us to understand how different generations are most comfortable receiving their messages. We have found it is also important to communicate in a way that the generations can identify with and relate to our product offerings. We also focus on intercultural communication, (and this is not just international) because a message that resonates with one culture will not resonate with another.

Even though the marketplace itself might be well established and crowded, through product innovation, studying the analytics, and effective communication of our message, we create new customers and continue to grow our business. We invite you to join us on this ride.