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Vintage Science Fiction

“Gerald Vance, the great Science Fiction author, presents three captivating stories. In “Monsoons of Death,” he combines horror with a tale of bravery on Mars, as a young lieutenant learns about both. “Larson’s Luck” is a fun adventure into the world of space pilots, piracy, and rule-breaking. “Vital Ingredient” takes the reader far into the future where boxing is controlled by managers and raises the question of how champions are truly made, with a satisfying conclusion.”

“Frank Herbert, the SF author, wrote three stories: “Missing Link,” which was originally published in “Astounding SF” in 1959, “Operation Haystack,” which also appeared in “Astounding SF” in 1959, and “Old Rambling House,” which was published in “Galaxy SF” in 1958.”

01 Monsoons of Death, 02 Larson’s Luck, 03 Vital Ingredient,
04 Missing Link, 05 Operation Haystack, 06 Old Rambling House

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