The Dragon Queen of Jupiter - Science Fiction Audiobooks
Dragon Queen of Jupiter

The Dragon Queen of Jupiter – Leigh Douglass Brackett

The French Foreign Legion has been renamed as the Space Foreign Legion and deployed to fight on Jupiter against a powerful native army led by their Dragon Queen. Earth and Mars are seeking new territories for habitation and agriculture, but Jupiter’s hostile environment presents a significant challenge. Can the Legion withstand the attacks from the Beetle Bombs and venomous snakes until backup arrives? Or will they suffer the same fate as many of their comrades who have already perished? The Dragon Queen possesses a devastating weapon in the form of a water-blocking parasite.

Lorelei of the Red Mist – Leigh Douglass Brackett and Ray Bradbury

Ray Starke, a petty criminal, crashes his shuttle during a getaway after stealing a payroll worth millions of credits. Upon regaining consciousness, he is approached by an extraterrestrial female who informs him of his imminent death but offers to transfer his consciousness into another body and assist his escape through telepathy.

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