Merchant of Venice, Cymbeline, King Lear

Introducing another in our series of audiobooks with Shakespeare for Young Readers – Merchant of Venice, Cymbeline, King Lear

Welcome to the world of Shakespeare, where magic, mystery, and drama unfold in every word! If you’re a fan of the bard, or just looking for a way to introduce your young adult to the beauty of his language, then our abridged works are the perfect choice for you.

Our set contains three of Shakespeare’s most iconic plays: “Merchant of Venice”, “Cymbeline”, and “King Lear”. Each of these plays has been carefully abridged to maintain the original language as much as possible, without the use of modern language.

By listening to these plays in their original language, young adults will develop an appreciation for the beauty and power of Shakespeare’s words. Our expertly narrated audio book is the perfect tool to help bring these plays to life and make them accessible to young audiences.

With “Merchant of Venice”, young adults will explore themes of love, betrayal, and justice, as they follow the story of Shylock and Antonio. In “Cymbeline”, they’ll be taken on a journey of love, deception, and loyalty as they follow the story of Imogen and Posthumus. And with “King Lear”, they’ll witness the rise and fall of a powerful king, as he grapples with the consequences of his own actions.

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or just a lover of Shakespeare, our works are an excellent addition to any collection.

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