One-Act Plays

Step into a world of riveting drama and captivating storytelling with our digital audiobook collection of classic One-Act Plays. Immerse yourself in the rich narratives penned by literary legends and experience the power of their words brought to life through the magic of audio. Whether you’re a seasoned theater enthusiast or a newcomer seeking to explore the world of drama, this collection is bound to leave you spellbound.

Featuring Four Remarkable Plays

“Is She His Wife?” by Charles Dickens:
Delve into the intriguing realm of mystery and deception as Charles Dickens masterfully weaves a tale of suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With expert narration, you’ll feel the tension rise as secrets are unveiled and relationships are tested. Experience the brilliance of Dickens in a whole new dimension.

“Mr. Nightingale’s Diary” by Charles Dickens:
Embark on a journey of laughter, romance, and unexpected twists with this charming play. Charles Dickens invites you to witness the whimsical escapades of Mr. Nightingale as he navigates the complexities of life and love. Let the dynamic narration transport you to a bygone era, where every emotion is palpable and every character comes to life.

“King Lear’s Wife” by Gordon Bottomley:
Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy “King Lear” takes an intriguing twist in this thought-provoking play. Gordon Bottomley explores the untold story of King Lear’s wife, offering a fresh perspective on the classic tale. Immerse yourself in the complexities of power, loyalty, and family dynamics, expertly narrated to capture the essence of Shakespearean drama.

“War Brides” by Marion Craig Wentworth:
Experience the poignant stories of love, sacrifice, and resilience against the backdrop of wartime challenges. Marion Craig Wentworth’s “War Brides” brings to life the emotions and struggles of women separated from their loved ones by war. Let the heartfelt narration transport you to a time of courage and determination that will leave a lasting impact.

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