Bach Violin concerto With Biography

1) Violin Concerto in A minor, BWV 1041 – Complete Performance

The Alsace Baroque Orchestra

2) J.S Bach – Concerto En La Mineur – I. Allegro

European Archive

3) J.S Bach – Concerto En La Mineur – II. Andante

European Archive

4) J.S Bach – Concerto En La Mineur – III. Allegro assai

European Archive

5) Foreword

06) Part 1: Opening; Son Of A Court Musician; Early Years In School; Student At Lueneburg; Organist At Arnstadt

07) Part 2: Inspiration From The Master, Buxtehude; Year At Muehlhausen; Weimer

08) Part 3: Kapellmeister With Prince Leopold; Leipzig And The St. John Passion; Bach’s Greater Work; St. Matthew Passion And B MinorMass; Visit To Frederick The Great And Later Works; Death

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