The Hidden History of Texas 1838-1850 by Hank Wilson continues the story of how Texas became Texas.

The Texans have defeated Santa Anna at San Jacinto and now start the process of establishing an identify for themselves. First as a Republic and then as a new state and part of the United States.

This was a chaotic time in Texas history. There was infighting among the leaders, violent and bloody clashes with the native peoples, distrust of the Mexican population, and a lust for power among the new Anglo immigrants. This book covers the policies of one of the great Texas political leaders Sam Houston and one of the most power-hungry leaders in Texas history Mirabeau B. Lamar.

Topics include a look at the Comanche, Apache, Kiowa, and Cherokee peoples, how they lived and how they were affected by this new country. I also take a preliminary look at a group who is, depending on your point of view, either famous heroes or infamous villains, Los Diablos Tejanos, AKA, the Texas Rangers. I talk about how Texas was formed into an actual independent nation, and I look at exactly how Texas finally ended up being annexed by the United States not as a territory but rather as a state.

Track List

Introduction 1:48

Chapter 1 – Independence 7:37

Chapter 2 – Sam Houston and the New Republic 12:11

Chapter 3 – The Republic and Relations with the Tribes 8:33

Chapter 4 – The Comanches – Finest Horsemen on the Plains 10:24

Chapter 5 – The Apaches – Fierce Warriors of the Southwest 15:56

Chapter 6 – The Kiowa – Nomadic Warriors of the Plains 11:52

Chapter 7 – The Cherokee – The Principal People Part 1 10:28

Chapter 8 – The Cherokee – The Principal People Part 2 6:31

Chapter 9 – Los Diablos Tejanos – 6:54

Chapter 10 – Texas Finally Becomes a Nation 12:34

Chapter 11 – Texas Becomes a State 11:03

Conclusion 00:54