Take a trip back in time and listen to what really happened in Texas in the years 1830-1836. The 13 chapters cover the years that not only led up to the revolution, but also some of the more unnoticed events that took place.

These are not your stern lectures we all endured in school, these are told in a relaxed and informative way by your host Hank Wilson, each chapter of the book is delivered in a way that is easy to follow and makes logical sense.

All chapters are based on Hank’s successful podcast The Hidden History of Texas are a part of his collection of Texas History.


Chapter 1 – 1830 – Slavery becomes an issue

Chapter 2 – Law of 1830 – Anahuac Disturbances7

Chapter 3 – Conventions of 1832 – 1833

Chapter 4 –Santa Anna Takes Over in Mexico

Chapter 5 – The Battle of Gonzales and the Siege of Bexar

Chapter 6 – Matamoros Expedition – Texas Leaders Confused

Chapter 7 – Two Declarations of Independence

Chapter 8 – Battle of Goliad (La Bahia)

Chapter 9 – The Siege of Bexar

Chapter 10 – Los Tejanos

Chapter 11 – The Battle of the Alamo

Chapter 12 – The Goliad Massacre

Chapter 13 – The Runaway Scrape – Battle of San Jacinto

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