Step into the Enchanting Worlds of HG Wells’ Short Stories!

Immerse yourself in the genius of HG Wells with our digital audiobook collection, showcasing his captivating short stories: “The Loyalty of Esau Common,” “My First Aeroplane,” “Little Mother up the Morderberg,” and “The Pearl of Love.”

“The Loyalty of Esau Common”: Delve into the intricate world of human relationships, as Esau Common navigates loyalty, betrayal, and the complexities of the heart. This story will leave you questioning the depths of trust.

“My First Aeroplane”: Join Wells on a journey through time as he recounts the exhilaration and awe of witnessing the birth of aviation. Experience the thrill of human achievement and technological progress through his vivid storytelling.

“Little Mother up the Morderberg”: Explore the mysteries of a quaint village perched on the edge of a cliff. Wells weaves a tale of eerie folklore, secrets, and the inexplicable in a setting that will send shivers down your spine.

“The Pearl of Love”: Witness the transformative power of love as Wells takes you on a sentimental journey filled with poignant moments and tender emotions. This story is a testament to the enduring strength of the human heart.

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