Introducing “Food Ghosts of San Antonio: Tony’s Angry Mealtimes” – A Delightful Adventure of Emotions, Friendship, and Tacos!

In the heart of vibrant San Antonio, where colors dance and laughter fills the air, lives a young boy named Tony. He’s just like any other kid, except for one thing – he has a secret.

Explore Anger: Join Tony as he navigates the ups and downs of childhood anger, making it relatable and engaging for young readers.

Learn Mindfulness: The story gently introduces mindfulness techniques like deep breathing to help children manage their feelings and stay calm when things get tough.

Celebrate Friendship: Tony’s adventure is not only about self-discovery but also about the bond of friendship, as he and his uncle work together to find a solution.

Enjoy a Dash of Humor: The Ghosts bring humor and excitement to every page, making this story an absolute joy to read.

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