Introducing “Christmas and Thanksgiving”: A Timeless Collection of Heartwarming Tales 

Step into the enchanting world of the early 20th century with “Christmas and Thanksgiving,” a captivating digital audiobook collection that transports you to the cherished traditions and heartwarming celebrations of yesteryears. Curated from the timeless works of renowned author Lucy Maud Montgomery and other esteemed writers, these stories evoke the spirit of gratitude, joy, and the magic of the holiday season.

Stories that Resonate Through Time:

Aunt Susanna’s Thanksgiving Dinner (1907): Join Aunt Susanna and her family for a Thanksgiving feast filled with warmth, love, and the true essence of togetherness.

The Bartlett’s Thanksgiving Day (1914): Experience the Bartlett family’s Thanksgiving journey, where unexpected events lead to unforgettable moments of gratitude and connection.

Elizabeth’s Thanksgiving Dinner (1904): Follow Elizabeth as she discovers the power of thankfulness amidst life’s trials and triumphs during a memorable Thanksgiving dinner.

The Christmas Harp (1913): Immerse yourself in a tale where the melody of a magical harp brings forth the spirit of Christmas in the most unexpected way.

New Year Resolutions (1913): Delve into the lives of characters determined to make resolutions for the New Year, discovering hope and aspirations amid the turn of the calendar.

Ted’s Double: A Christmas Folly (1903) by Lucy Maud Montgomery: Lucy Maud Montgomery’s charming narrative of Ted’s Christmas folly will warm your heart and leave you smiling, showcasing the essence of the holiday spirit.

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