Beethoven’s 5th With Biography

Beethoven: The Man and the Artist, as Revealed in His Own Words

Ludwig van Beethoven

Translated by Henry Edward Krehbiel and Friedrich Kerst

Music Album and Biography Track List

01 Allegro con brio (C minor)

02 Andante con moto (A♭ major)

03 Scherzo: Allegro (C minor)

04 Allegro – Presto (C major)

05 Brief Biographical Sketch; Preface

06 Concerning Art; Love of Nature

07 Concerning Texts; On Composing

08 On Performing Music; On His Own Works

09 On Art and Artists; Beethoven as Critic; On Education

10 On His Own Disposition and Character; The Sufferer

11 Worldly Wisdom; God; Appendix

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