Introducing the captivating digital audiobook version of “Afterward and Kerfol,” two timeless tales by the acclaimed author Edith Wharton. Immerse yourself in the enchanting narratives brought to life by skilled narrators, enhancing the experience of Wharton’s masterful storytelling.

“Afterward” unfolds a mysterious and chilling tale that explores the boundaries between the living and the dead. The digital audiobook allows you to delve into the atmospheric suspense and unravel the secrets hidden within the narrative with every word spoken.

“Kerfol,” another gem in Edith Wharton’s literary treasure trove, takes you to the hauntingly beautiful landscapes of a French manor. As the story unfolds through the audiobook, you’ll be transported to a world of ghosts, love, and tragedy, all expertly narrated to capture the essence of Wharton’s narrative brilliance.

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